Gore-Tex FAQs

The Gore-Tex® demonstration shows the properties of how a microporous material can allow only molecules of a certain size to pass through.

Cool Facts:

  • If you own a raincoat or any waterproof sports clothing, they most likely have Gore-Tex® in/on them.
  • Gore-Tex® gloves don't make you sweat! They allow for enough air to pass through in order to keep sweat from accumulating on your hands by allowing the sweat to evaporate.
  • Gore-Tex® has also been used in dental floss because it can slide between teeth that regular dental floss can't!
  • Gore-Tex® can be used as a body implant material for cosmetic surgery. It is safe to use in the body because it is a material that does not react with body tissues.


Q What is Gore-Tex®?

A Gore-Tex® is actually a microporous material, discovered in 1969 by stretching PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) otherwise known as Teflon.


Q: What is a fabric?

A: Fabrics are materials that are made by weaving threads together in a pattern. Examples are cotton and linen.


Q: Is Gore-Tex® a fabric?

A: Gore-Tex® is a porous material, but not a fabric. It is similar in that it allows air to pass through it, but the pores are small enough that water molecules cannot pass through because of their size. This makes it seem like a very tightly woven fabric.


Q: Why do the two gloves feel different?

A: One glove is made out of plastic and doesn’t have any pores which the air or water can pass through. The Gore-Tex® glove is made out of a completely different type of material.


Q: Can Gore-Tex® be used for garbage bags?

A: Because of its ability to allow air molecules to pass through, Gore-Tex® would not work well in garbage bags because the odors would escape the bag.

Relevance to our lives

The outermost layer of many articles of sporting attire is now made out of Gore-Tex®. Because of its combined waterproof and breathable nature, it is a popular and useful choice in clothing. ‘Warm-up’ suits and raincoats are often made of this material. Elixer® guitar strings are popular due to their longevity and are also made of Gore-Tex®.


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