How many of the products that we use everyday are made from paper? Maybe too many to count! Maybe you are a student and use paper everyday to take notes and write papers. However, paper is used for much more than just writing or drawing. Today, paper has a nearly limitless list of uses including making money, packaging goods, and even to make fireworks!

The following activities will help you make your own paper and discover some of the properties of different types of paper. We hope you enjoy these activities and do them together as a family.


Build Your Own Polymer Model

What do polymers look like? In this activity, you can build your own paper clip and clay (or Play DohTM) models of the different types of polymers. What is different about the properties of "paperclip" polymers from the properties of "clay" polymers?

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What's the Difference?

Where are polymers in your home? The recycling codes listed on many items on your home are useful for more than just sorting your recycling. They also can be used to identify different types of polymers!

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Packing Peanuts

Are packing peanuts polymers? In this activity, you can make your own cornstarch packing peanuts. You also can observe what makes your cornstarch packing peanuts different from the polyurethane packing peanuts we are familiar with.

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Six Pack Rings Exploration

Are polymers permanent? Six pack rings are a great example of a polymer product that has received plenty of attention about its impact on the environment. In this activity you can examine how different conditions affect six pack rings over time.

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Treasure Hunt

What in your own home is made of polymers? Just take a good look around! In this activity you can go on a hunt around the house for all the different types. On some items you can use the recycling codes to find out exactly what kind of polymer it is!

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What Keeps the Baby Dry?

Do diapers contain polymers? Actually, polymers are a very important part of modern diapers! The entire diaper is not made of polymers, however, and in this activity you can separate out the diaper polymers and see its special properties.

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