Single-crystal Semiconductor Core Fibers


Xiaoyu Ji, Shiming Lei, Shih-Ying Yu, Hiu Yan Cheng, Subhasis Chaudhuri, Wenjun Liu (APS), Nicolas Poilvert, Yihuang Xiong, Ismaila Dabo, Suzzane E. Mohney, John V. Badding and Venkatraman Gopalan. Supported by NSF MRSEC DMR-1420620, with additional support from NSF DMR-1107894, DOE DE-AC02-06CH11357, and the Advanced Photon Source 34-ID-E.

The availability of high-quality semiconductors in fiber form could be transformative in the vision of all-fiber optoelectronics. A scanning laser crystallization process developed has produced the first low-optical-loss (< 1 dB/cm), narrow single-crystal Si and Ge fibers. These fibers will enable high-power non-linear photonics in the infrared. A combination of experiments and simulations suggest that long-length single crystals can be grown within a processing window of the laser irradiation power/scanning speed. The same laser heating technique could be used to selectively crystallize 3D metalattices and potentially induce novel strain states.

Year of Highlight: 
IRG 3 - Metalattices