Nanowire orientation and assembly


Penn State MRSEC DMR-1420620. S. J. Boehm, L. Lin, N. Brljak, N. Famularo, T. S. Mayer, and C. D. Keating. TEM images were acquired at the Penn State Microscopy and Cytometry Facility and electrodes were fabricated at the Pennsylvania State University NSF NNIN Site. Undergraduate N. B. was funded by NSF NNIN REU (ECCS-0335765).

Reconfigurable Positioning of Vertically-Oriented Nanowires Around Topographical Features in an AC Electric Field, Langmuir, 2017

Microscale photoresist posts were used to concentrate the electric field gradient generated by a vertically applied AC electric field. By changing frequency, the dominant assembly forces could be switched between positive dielectrophoresis, which resulted in wires collected around the posts, or electrohydrodynamics, which led to accumulation of wires in low e-field gradient sites between posts. New methods for reconfigurable self-assembly are of interest for a wide variety of future optical applications, such as wrapped metasurfaces.

Langmuir 2017, 33, 41, 10898-10906.


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IRG4 - Phototonic Assemblies