2019 Highlights

2019 Research Highlights

The Penn State MRSEC partnered with Science-U summer camps to pilot a half-day STEM program for college-bound high school students who are blind or visually impaired.

IRG 2 - Nanomotors

The diffusivity of enzymes is enhanced when they are catalytically active, and it was suggested that this enhancement could be correlated to their exothermicity.

IRG 2 - Nanomotors

Acoustics arrays can be used for imaging, directing the motion of particles, and (at high intensities) therapeutic applications.

IRG 3 - Metalattices

We have synthesized large area, well ordered binary crystals composed of two different sizes of silica colloid spheres as small as 20 nm in diameter.

IRG 4 - Photonic Assemblies

Gold nanowire lattices were formed by electric field directed assembly and reconfigured on-demand between two different functional states, in the form of broadband polarizers.

IRG1 - Layered Ferroics

Layered complex oxides offer an unusually rich materials platform for emergent phenomena through many built-in design knobs such as varied topologies, chemical ordering schemes and geometric tuning

IRG1 - Layered Ferroics

MRSEC researchers have developed an informatics-guided ab initio approach to accelerate the design and discovery of noncentrosymmetric materials, integrating group theory, informatics and density-f